The goal of our first project in packaging class at RMIT University was to create a luxury candle that reflected our identity and our personal design style. The scent of my candle is ment to capture the Norwegian wild with a mix of grass, wood and various wildflowers. The handmade box is made up of textured paper that feels like snow when you touch it. The glass vessel was bought at Country Road in Melbourne and has been laser engraved with the logo and symbol. The candle will burn for up to 100 hours and is filled with bleached organic beeswax.

My goal was to make the design simplistic, elegant and bright like a star. 
The name Stella Borealis is inspired by the Polar star (Stella Polaris) and the Northern lights (Aurora Borealis). Translated from latin, Stella means "star" and Borealis means "north".

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