Communication Design 2nd Year 2013 - GRAP 2272 - Studio 2: Project 1:  Bj Ball Paper Promotion

YUPO ILLUSION is a swatch book made to promote Bj Ball Paper's new YUPO synthetic paper range. Yupo is a 100% waterproof, tear-proof, super-smooth and heat resistant piece of paper. Or... is it really paper? Yupo synthetic paper gives the illusion of a piece of paper, only it is stronger, better and smoother!
The swatch book includes all 16 variations of YUPO ́s paper in their 5 ranges. Each piece of paper has a part of the symbol printed on it, and is designed and cut to be a part of the bigger picture; the symbol of YUPO Illusion. The symbol is made up of many different illusion techniques, to enhance the feel of movement and illusion. 

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